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Equity in the science classroom : assessing the attitudes of female science students towards alternative methods of assessment Little, Diane E.


This study examines the attitudes of female high school science students towards alternative assessment strategies and probes the influence of alternative assessment on the students' attitudes towards science. During one school year, ninety-three Science 9 students were exposed to three different methods of alternative assessment (i.e. portfolio-based assessment, drama-based assessment, and practical lab tests) as well as traditional assessment strategies (i.e. multiple choice and openended tests). Student questionnaires, teacher interviews, and classroom observations were completed in order to ascertain the attitudes and reactions of the students to the alternative methods of assessment. The findings show that the students positively received the alternative methods of assessment. Students believed that these methods of assessment improved their connection with science, improved their ability to express themselves and their understanding of science, and made science less difficult and more enjoyable.

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