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Research-based practices in the teaching of spelling Asher, Waltraud Maria


The purpose of this study was to (a) compile a list of research-supported teaching techniques, (b) ascertain which postulates a representative sample of elementary teachers used to teach spelling and (c) determine to what degree those procedures were used in those classrooms. The research and literature pertaining to the teaching of spelling was reviewed and summarized. From these summaries belief statements and procedural statements were developed and used as the basis for a survey. This survey was distributed to elementary teachers in a school district in suburban Vancouver, B.C. Of the 298 eligible teachers, 199 completed the survey. The results were tabulated and charts and graphs were created to ease the analysis of the data. It was found that much confusion surrounding the teaching of spelling existed among this representative sample of elementary teachers. Often belief statements did not match indicated classroom practices or vice versa. It is recommended that an efficient way be found by this school district to convey to its teachers effective, research-based practices in the teaching of spelling.

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