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Technology implementation and integration from the experience of Tessi science teachers : towards a conceptual and practical framework for understanding and implementing technology integration Shim, Johnny Chun Lin


There is a quiet technological revolution occurring in education today. Technology has helped catalyze new forms of teaching and learning. As technology is infused into the existing educational culture, there is a realization that the nature of technology integration into education consists of complex change processes. This qualitative multi-case study examines what teachers perceive as the issues in technology integration and the negotiation by teachers through these issues. This study reveals the experiences and perspectives of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology teachers at different stages of technology integration in the Technology Enhanced Secondary Science Instruction (TESSI) project, a longitudinal, collaborative, field-based research and development program of technology integration into government-mandated secondary school science courses. The progression of conceptual and practical issues in technology integration, and the interplay among these issues in relation to teachers, students, curriculum and the supporting infrastructure are analyzed. Conceptions of pedagogy and praxis, multiple change processes, student learning strategies and outcomes emerging from this study are synthesized to generate a general framework for innovative technology integration and to inform the research and development of the Technology Enhanced Instruction (TEI) model of technology integration.

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