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Son of two tribes : a research journey Yorke, Daun C.


This thesis consists of two parts. The first is a children's book titled "Son Of Two Tribes". The second part is this document which traces the two and a half year research journey taken by the author and subject in writing this book. This work is a marriage of images and text. "Son Of Two Tribes" and the accompanying research journey focus on the cultural heritage of one small child, Luther Tettevi. Luther is a member of two tribes, the Dakelh' ne First Nations in Northern British Columbia and the Anlo Ewe in Southern Ghana. The book and journey explore the untouched heritages of both tribes, when Luther's ancestors on both continents were living in harmony with nature. The European invasion of each tribal homeland is uncovered and issues such as slavery, residential schools and the Sixties' Scoop are explored as they directly impacted this child's family history. Images of First Nations and African people portrayed in the media are discussed and exposed visually. This work concludes with a discussion about the process of rebuilding, after a troubled past and the strength within this family to endure and survive.

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