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The subsequent effects upon the educational goals of music and art when the B.C. primary curriculum is integrated through the use of thematic units MacArthur, June


The purpose of this study was to discover whether the expanded educational goals for primary level Music and Art in British Columbia's Year 2000 Curriculum are met when the curriculum is integrated and teaching is done through themes. The sample population selected for this study was the lower mainland of British Columbia. 12 school districts participated in this study. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 17 administrators of Fine Arts Programmes, District Principals or Consultants. The results indicate that educational goals for Music and Art can be achieved when thematic units are used to integrate the curriculum but only when the classroom teacher can be described as a specialist in primary Music and Art, having a personal background in Art and Music, or having a degree as a Fine Arts Major. The curriculum-as-practiced differs considerably from the curriculum-as-planned due to lack of resources, in-service education and program scheduling.

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