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The body knowing : a visual art installation as educational research Springgay, Stephanie


The Body Knowing: A Visual Art Installation as Educational Research brings together theory, written text and artwork, as reticule. The network of intricately woven fragments between the visual art representation and the written artifact provide multiple opportunities to understand new insights and interpret ideas that are often in conflict with each other, creating a place of tension and disorientation. The visual artwork illuminates through absence, what could not be represented through traditional modes of scholarship and the written form. As an artist and a scholar my thesis inquiry addresses two distinct but related research areas: 1) It creates a theoretical framework for the enactment of visual art as a scholarly way of knowing and the representation of educational research as an art form; and 2) It examines the body and art making as sites of agency and social change. The artwork and text presented in this thesis intend to challenge presumptions and methodological criteria governing knowledges, by examining the body and the role the body plays in the production and evaluation of knowledge.

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