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How do an ESL specialist and a classroom teacher collaboratively plan instruction which integrates language and content demands of tasks? Hurren, Patricia J.


This qualitative study aims to describe the collaborative planning process between a classroom teacher and an English as a Second Language (ESL) specialist. In addition, it examines the tasks planned in order to provide a description of integrated language and content (ILC) instruction. The case study approach selected is supportive of an investigation of planning and instruction which focuses on process rather than product. Early (1990) comments that we "lack a clear understanding of the kinds of learning tasks that simultaneously foster the acquisition of language and content knowledge; we also lack a clear explanation of how to construct and implement such tasks."(p.10) It is hoped that this study will contribute to this "lack". An examination of the data collected around collaborative planning for integrated language and content instruction reveals that the planning teachers shared a common set of goals for the improvement of instruction in the classroom. A relationship of trust was developed between the two teachers as they gradually shared control of their areas of expertise. Particular information is provided on the role that Mohan's Knowledge Framework, Task Design and Key Visuals played in the planning and instruction. In addition, sequential processes for planning and instruction are described as the means for developing and presenting lessons. The teachers share their interpretations of the costs and benefits inherent in these processes. Preliminary conclusions are offered based on the data collected.

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