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Connecting amidst chaos : a teacher’s first year Andersen, Andrea S.


Representing the experiences of a first year teacher has been a focus for many other academic studies in the field of education. Using the novel as an alternative form of representation of research in this area is new. Connecting Amidst Chaos: A Teacher's First Year is a novel based on experiences of first year teachers. In the prologue, a discussion o f the novel as academic writing occurs. The reflections allow the author to address the themes present in the work, as well as the restrictions the format placed on the writing of the thesis. Lives are made up of stories and this thesis is a look into the life of a first year teacher. Emma's story illustrates the complex nature of the profession and the many connection which must be made in order to be successful in the field. A combination o f theory, teaching practices, and professional dialogue targets an audience which may include pre-service teachers, practicing teachers and university professors. The stories, characters and relationships which are developed may broaden that audience base. This is a teaching novel. It was written with the purpose of providing a pre-service teacher with an introduction to the profession. This thesis will acquaint students with a basic foundation of educational terminology, an overview of important authors in the field, as well as a look at the experiences which they may encounter during their first year of teaching.

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