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Co-constructing a responsive curriculum with early childhood providers for the inclusion of children who require extra support Gerber, Jennifer


This study investigates the co-construction of a responsive curriculum with child care providers around the conclusion of children who require extra support. It is representative of a collaborative piece of work with the childcare providers. The main purpose of the study was to bring about an improvement in the practice of including children who require extra support. The study looked at attitudes the providers brought to bear on the context. Sensitivity to provider attitudes regarding the construction of the curriculum was integral to the study. An action research methodology was adapted to facilitate the investigation of the study. In this study I analyzed the data using the grounded theory method. My role as researcher in this study was that of a participant-observer. The conclusions indicated that studies need to be conducted regarding how society views the early childhood education profession; what constitutes knowledge in the field of early childhood education; and what the needs of the providers are in an inclusive context.

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