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From sound to symbol : the whole song as curriculum, the whole child as pedagogue, observation as methodology Sweeney, Fleurette


'There is more to a song than meets the ear' to paraphrase an old adage. This 'more' refers particularly to certain songs in which the acoustic properties of the music move in confluence with spoken English. This 'more' refers to a particular process through which children learn songs, and once learned engage with them as objects of thought and represent them in symbol. This 'more' refers to particular songs as events aptly suited to circumscribe the temporal/spatial, perceptual/motor, emotional/social, imaginative/cognitive engagement of children-as-learners. The dissertation is a narrative in which the author traces the story of her transformation from being a successful symbol-to-sound music teacher, to becoming a sound-to-symbol educator of children and the teachers of children.

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