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Someone hear my voice : one teacher’s experience integrating a child with autism into the regular classroom Chalmers, Karen Louise


Many teachers are integrating children with autism into the regular classroom. Most feel unqualified and are frustrated by the lack of support. To date, there is little classroom based research that provides practical suggestions or effective practices. The purpose of this study is to explore how I, as a Family Grouping teacher sought to create an inclusive environment for one particular child with autism. I share my frustrations with all the well intentioned advice from the literature on autism and the collaborative team experts that accompanied the child to my room. But the reality was my classroom and my Family Grouping program and the children. With the use of narrative writing I attempt to capture the process of inclusion as lived by all of us. The data for the study consisted of videos, interviews, and journals collected over eighteen months and these provided a basis for the creation of the text. The study contributes to the layers of "voices" of teacher research in the area of inclusion of children with autism into the regular classroom.

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