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Negotiation of ethical principles and procedures in case study evaluation : the Humanities Curriculum Project and the Success and Failure and Recent Innovation Project Bath, Stephen William


This thesis reports on the methodology and the use of the case study by educational researchers associated with the Centre for Applied Research in Education (CARE) in the University of East Anglia. The role of negotiation in establishing certain key principles and procedures when case studying the CARE group's Humanities Curriculum Project (HCP) and Success and Failure and Recent Innovation Project (SAFARI) led to the development of a 'SAFARI ethic' This ethic was a response to issues confronting an approach to evaluation derived from the alternative 'illuminative' paradigm of educational research. A conceptual analysis of the issues and strategies dealt with when developing this alternative evaluation approach reveals a fundamental problem. The SAFARI ethic is shown to lack a principle of justice without which the relationship between the other two fundamental principles of confidentiality and the right to know is inimical.

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