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Kaleidoscope patterns : art education in an elementary classroom Costello, Eleanor Dale


In September 1985, a new Fine Arts Curriculum Guide/Resource Book was introduced in elementary schools throughout British Columbia. The purpose of this study was to investigate a practitioner's use of the guide within her classroom. Enquiry into the quality of the practitioner's living within the tensionality between this curriculum-as-plan and her curriculum-as-lived experience provided a counterpoint for the researcher's personal reflections on her experiences as a school art specialist and district resource person. An art education evaluation model based on art criticism concepts provided a flexible framework for this study. Classroom observations and reflective dialogue between teacher and researcher raised these issues: the lack of integration and balance between artistic, linguistic, and mathematical modes of learning within the overall school curriculum; the nature of school art, child art and art appreciation as each relates to curriculum goals for art education; evaluation in art education; and the "being" of children and the "being" of women teachers within present educational institutions. The study generated reflections on possible changes in the roles of learners, teachers, art specialists, and educational researchers as they adapt to curriculum change.

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