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Report on the consumer education course : Vancouver School District Garvin, Mary-Jane


The purpose of the study was to examine the routine existence of the Consumer Education course within the Vancouver School District and to understand how micro, or school level influences contribute to changes in school subjects which have been mandated at the macro, or provincial level. A target population of 41 Vancouver Consumer Education teachers was identified, and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 23 of these teachers. Conclusions: Information obtained from these interviews concludes that the course-as-practiced differs significantly from the course-as-planned. This study concluded that the reinterpretation of the course is a result of two factors: 1. School-based support for the course varies from school to school. Generally, east side schools exhibit a higher level of support for the course than in the west side schools. 2. Ministry guidelines for the course do not offer clear course expectations and standards. Recommendations: Two recommendations were reached about the Consumer Education course: 1. Revision of Ministry guidelines is needed. The current state of the course is affected by the lack of direction given to this course. Province-wide expectations and standards should be clearly expressed, and methods to assess the degree of compliance need to be instituted. 2. The course would benefit from school-based support, in particular, establishment of a subject- constituency which would promote and protect the course.

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