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Factors that support inclusive schooling Spruston, Linda Maureen


This study investigates the factors that support inclusive schooling in five school districts in British Columbia. Factors supportive of inclusive schooling were identified through a review of the literature and a questionnaire was constructed to guide the interviews. Individuals representing six different roles in the education system, from five school districts, were interviewed for their responses. It was found that the factor that supports inclusion more than any of the factors investigated in the study is a strong belief and committment to the idea of inclusion. A belief in inclusion was followed by leadership at all levels of the system, inservice and preservice training, clear written policy at a district level, and needed supports, particularly in the form of time for collaboration and problem-solving activities. Areas for further study include: behaviourally disturbed children and inclusion, teacher contract language and inclusion, the merger of special and regular education and the role of the special education assistant.

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