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Curricular integration of elementary French as a second language by non-specialist teachers Swansborough, Robert Paul


The aim of this study was threefold. Firstly, the feasibility of the curricular integration of French with another content area by non-specialist elementary teachers with low to average communicative competency in French was investigated. Secondly, the reaction of these teachers to "Explorons la France," an integrated teaching resource incorporating curricular integration, was examined. Thirdly, the study proposed to investigate any changes in students' attitude toward French after their teachers had used the teaching resource, thereby adding a second language component to their study of a content area. There were three instruments used in the course of this study. The first was a teacher questionnaire to measure teacher satisfaction and readiness. The second instrument was an Intermediate Attitudinal scale designed to measure attitudes towards French language and culture. Lastly, an interview questionnaire was administered to ten key individuals involved in French Language Education in British Columbia. The issue of student attitudes toward French improving after having used the language as a tool for further learning was not supported by the data collected. However, further data collected supported the remaining questions. Curricular integration of E.F.S.L., by non-specialist teachers with low to average linguistic skills in French, is supported by the results of the teacher questionnaire. After having had an opportunity to work with the "Explorons la France" resource, non-specialist teachers involved expressed a positive reaction to the document. The third research question, attitudinal in nature, examined whether success with an initial attempt at curricular integration would spur non-specialist teachers on to subsequent attempts at further curricular integration. The teacher reaction was generally positive. The fourth research question examined the question of E.F.S.L. and the feasibility of curriculum integration by non-specialists, from administrative perspectives. Results indicate approval of the mandate of E.F.S.L. and support for the exploration of means of integrating French within the curriculum. Notwithstanding certain reservations, the teachers and administrators involved in the study generally expressed optimistic views about the mandating of Elementary French as a Second Language as of Grade 5 in general and its integration within other, specific curricular areas.

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