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Applied education in the central province of Kenya : a survey of the adequacy of facilities and teacher characteristics Mukora, James Ngugi


This survey study identified the extent of the availability of resources related to the teaching and learning of seven out of fourteen applied education subjects offered in 125 secondary schools in the Central Province of Kenya. Data were collected through complimentary teacher and headteacher questionnaires completed by one applied education teacher from each school and the headteacher of that school. Factors studied were physical facilities, instructional materials, teacher characteristics, and pedagogical areas offered among the schools. The results showed that the quantity and quality of most of the available resources were, to say the least, unsatisfactory. Furthermore, the level of adequacy varied considerably from one school to the other, irrespective of whether the schools in question offered the same or different subject areas. Similarly, the diversity of subject areas offered among these schools was limited. Eight recommendations were made for improving student accessibility to adequate applied education resources.

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