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Computerized screening in adolescents and young adults with ADHD Strangway, Carrie Lynn


This study examined the sensitivity of a computerized neuropsychological screening battery (ImPACT) to the cognitive effects of ADHD in a sample of 68 young adults with ADHD and 68 healthy students matched for age, education, gender, and history of head injury. Students with ADHD self-reported more cognitive difficulties on the Post-Concussion Scale of ImPACT (p < .005, d = .68, medium-large effect size), and performed more poorly on the Memory Composite (p < .005, d = .50, medium effect size). The two groups did not differ significantly on the Processing Speed Composite or the Impulse Control Composite. There was a nonsignificant trend for the individuals with ADHD to display slower reaction times (p < .076, d = .33, small effect size). This is the second study using fmPACT in ADHD research. The brevity and sensitivity of fmPACT to the cognitive effects of ADHD warrants further research with this population.

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