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The effects of locus of control on the computer-assisted learning of gravimetric stoichiometry Wong, Simon Chi-hon


This study examined the effects of the locus of two computer-assisted instruction (CAI) control strategies over the sequence of instruction and number of practice examples studied on the accuracy and efficiency in the learning of gravimetric stoichiometry of grade 11 chemistry students. The two locus of control strategies were adaptive learner control (ALC) strategy and adaptive program control (APC) strategy. Effects were examined for CAI strategy, pre-requisite knowledge, metacognitive ability, and gender of student. The group working with CAI strategy of the adaptive program control demonstrated better delayed post-test performance, while requiring fewer number of practice examples and thus considerably less learning time than students in adaptive learner control. The interaction of gender by locus of control strategy was significant, in that male student achieved slightly more under ALC than APC and female subjects did significantly better under APC than ALC.

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