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Integral therapeutic enactment Foster, Durwin Bruce


Attending to the author's experience as a point-of-departure, this thesis attempts an integration of methods for healing and development that have the potential to be powerfully complementary. Specifically, this thesis weaves together considerations of the Integral approach, therapeutic enactment, and contemplative practice in order to formulate an Integral Therapeutic Enactment (ITE) group-based counseling intervention. The paper introduces Wilber's Integral approach as both a set of social practices for investigation of any domain - a meta-paradigm - and a body of resulting generalizations. Several of these orienting generalizations are explored for their relevance to the therapeutic enactment group counseling process, including the role of dynamic dialectical awareness, implications of holarchical time, and the curative spiral as a model for human change processes. Implications of the Integral approach and contemplative practices are then incorporated into a prototype ITE process. Given the innovative and unconventional nature of the research process and results, the author pays particular attention to issues of validity and reflexivity. The paper concludes with a self-evaluation according to the - validity protocols put forward, and an outline of suggestions for outcome research to test the prototypical Integral Therapeutic Enactment group counselling process.

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