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Therapeutic relationship and its association with outcome Moseley, Douglas Charles


This study investigated the association between general relationship factors and outcome in short .term counselling. Twenty five clients who were seeking counselling at various settings in the lower mainland of British Columbia completed instruments that were designed to quantify aspects of their relationship with the therapist. Three models of the therapeutic relationship were examined: Strong's social influence theory; Roger's core conditions; and Bordin's working alliance. It was hypothesized that the three dimensions of Bordin's Working Alliance (bond, task, and goal) would correlate significantly with four outcome measures. Two of the outcome measures utilized did not correlate with any of the relationship variables. Task and Bond correlated significantly (p<.0l and p<.05 respectively) with two indices of outcome and Goal had a significant relationship (p<.05) with one of the outcome measures. Of the other four relationship variables that were included in this study, only the social influence variable of client perceived counsellor attractiveness correlated with outcome measures beyond chance levels.

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