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Battered wives : their growth towards independence Fitzgerald, Sheollagh


An exploratory study was conducted to investigate the growth towards independence of four battered women. Those studied were assumed to be a heterogeneous sample of a target population of women who have separated from physically abusive husbands. The A-B-A design allowed for a treatment period in which a semi-structured counselling program could be implemented. Qualitative data was obtained in eight, weekly counselling sessions and was recorded in the form of four case studies. A semantic differential instrument of 12 polar adjective pairs was used to gather quantitative time series data for descriptive analysis. The women assessed their feelings in the given areas a total of 45 times over the three phases. Consistencies among the women within childhood were discussed as well as possible contributing factors to the growth process. The women's self-assessed effects of the treatment program were also explored. Based on the data, conclusions were suggested for individual and social change to more effectively meet the needs of battered women.

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