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An investigation into the meaning of breakthrough dream experiences Biela, Pamela Mary


The purpose of this study was to investigate the meaning of a breakthrough dream experience. Using an existential-phenomenological approach, the study described the meaning of the experience for six adult co-researchers who had a breakthrough dream and were able to discuss their experience with the researcher. The co-researchers were asked to describe the period before, during, and after the dream. There were two interviews which were tape-recorded and transcribed. The transcripts were analyzed according to the method described by Colaizzi (1978). Thirty themes were formulated from these transcripts and woven into an exhaustive description of a breakthrough dream experience. The exhaustive description was condensed to form an essential structure of the experience. The themes, exhaustive description, and essential structure were given to the co-researchers for validation. This description of a breakthrough dream experience is more complete than any other found in the literature and lays a foundation for further research.

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