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Adult children of alcoholics : an integrated model of behavior roles Schneider, John Donald Jr.


Five models of behavior roles (Black, 1981; Booz-Allen & Hamilton, 1974; Deutsch, 1983; Kritzberg, 1985; Wegscheider, 1981) consisting of 20 roles and 220 attributes were identified in the theoretical and clinical literature dealing with children of alcoholics. An integrated model of six behavior roles and 68 attributes of adult children of alcoholics was developed and presented for verification to 45 clinicians working with adults who grew up in a home with at least one alcoholic parent. The clinicians utilized a categorization methodology to sort the attributes into categories based on their experiences of the behaviors of adult children of alcoholics. The sorting data was analyzed by latent partition analysis and the results were used to revise and refine the integrated model. The final model consists of five behavior roles and 48 attributes; three of the roles, Invisible Child, Black Sheep, and Jester, closely resemble roles from the original models while two roles, Caretaker and Super Achiever appear for the first time. The development of an empirically derived model provides clarification of the similarities and differences of the five models of behavior roles of children of alcoholics identified in the literature.

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