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The interaction of personal and shared construct systems : the implications of consensual validation upon commitment in the workplace Schroeder, Laurie J.


Personal construct theory is interfaced with systems theory and organizational behavior theory to provide a theoretical framework for understanding interaction of the individual and the work organization. The concepts describing the individual's relationship with the family contribute the basic understandings to the development of this framework as applied to the work setting. The personal construct system and its function to organize a meaningful experience of reality for the individual is compared with that of the shared construct system and its function to negotiate a common view of reality amongst members of the family and work organization alike. It is proposed in this paper that consensual validation acts as an internal consistency criterion which moderates interaction between personal and shared construct systems. Essentially, consensual validation serves as a self-referent process linking the individual to the work organization. Suggestions are made as to the implications of the individual's experience of consensual validation upon organizational commitment in the workplace.

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