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Process of change during play and art therapy Reeves, Jocelyn Diane


This retrospective study explored the life experience of a child with conduct disorder. The nature of the child's primary attachment pattern and re-attachment was explored over a two year period. The case study approach was employed, utilizing the participant-observation and interviewing techniques for collecting data. The intention was to explain and influence the attachment pattern of the child in the study. Specifically, the intention was for the child to develop a more positive internal working model of himself through creating a therapeutic environment where a secure attachment could be formed. The process of change the child went through, as depicted through his play and art, indicated that significant change occurred in his attachment pattern over the two year therapeutic period. The child's behavioural and interpersonal patterns went from being negative, oppositional, and aggressive to being more positive, compliant, and controlled. The nature of the therapeutic relationship, including the phases of the therapeutic process both in terms of play and art, are presented. As well, implications for special education teachers and school counsellors involved with this type of child are suggested.

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