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Instrumental enrichment and locus of control, self-esteem, behaviour and academic performance in grade five Schneider, Sari Dineen


Using a quasi-experimental design, this study examined the effect of a four and a half month program of Instrumental Enrichment (Feuerstein, 1980) on students' self-esteem, measured by Coopersmith Self-Esteem Inventory (Coopersmith, 1967/1991); perception of academic locus of control, measured by Intellectual Achievement Responsibility Scale (Crandall, Katkovsky, & Crandall, 1965); behaviour, measured by Teacher Student Behaviour Checklist (Schneider, 1994); and academic performance, measured by teacher selected written class work. The treatment group (n = 14) of grade five students from an existing pullout learning assistance class and the control group (n = 23) attended two different inner-city elementary (K-7) schools in Vancouver, B.C. In the twice weekly 45 minute lessons, (approximately 15 hours total) the Learning Assistance teacher taught Organization of Dots and Orientation in Space instruments of IE. Results indicated a statistically significant change in behaviour (F(1,34) = 6.21 p_ < .02) favouring the treatment group. A second finding linked the locus of control and behaviour raw change scores (.62, p_ < .01). The academic performance data were too dissimilar for comparison purposes. Design improvements include: longer treatment time, similar settings for treatment and control groups (ie both closed or both open-area), monitoring of bridging activities, more effective researcher control over work used for academic assessment.

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