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The experience and meaning of infertility for biologically childless infertile men Webb, Russell E.


A qualitative phenomenological paradigm was used to explore the experience of male factor infertility for childless men. Six men were recruited; three from Vancouver, B.C. and three from Regina, Saskatchewan. The men described their experience of infertility within an individual, in-depth, audiotaped interview. Eight common themes were extrapolated from an analysis of the data. The results indicated that the mens’ experience of male factor infertility included all of the following: (1) intense grief and loss, (2) a sense of powerlessness and loss of control, (3) feelings of inadequacy, (4) betrayal, (5) isolation, (6) a sense of threat or foreboding, (7) a need to overcome or survive, and (8) a need for positive reconstruction of the situation and of the self, whereby, the men found new and positive meanings (or purposes) for an experience that originally seemed meaningless and painful.

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