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A survey of rural and urban secondary students and their knowledge of higher education admissions criteria Mathison, Jennifer Nordene


This survey study utilized two self-report questionnaires for the purpose of clarifying the interdependent relationship among the following variables: (a) the academic aspirations of junior and senior secondary school students (b) their knowledge about British Columbia public college and university general academic admission criteria, (c) the geographical location of the students (urban or rural). Over all, the students who participated in the study showed high academic aspirations, but little awareness of the nature of post-secondary admissions policies. Few students were fully aware of the open admissions policies of their local community colleges and most students incorrectly identified most of the non-academic items (such as attitude and fitting in socially) as being important for admission. Students with post-secondary academic aspirations and urban students were more aware of the academic expectations of their local universities and colleges. Among males, grade nines, and students not planning to attend college or university, rural students were less knowledgable than urban students about post-secondary admission criteria.

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