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Applying the First Nations career/life planning model Neumann, Harly


Very few career models have been developed that provide counsellors with tools to facilitate First Nations' career development even though existing contributions to the literature state the need for culturally sensitive models and interventions. This thesis examines the appropriateness of the First Nations Career/Life Planning Model, developed by McCormick and Amundson (1997), when used with First Nations adolescents. The purpose of this study was to (a) receive feedback on the strengths of the existing model and (b) find out from participants how the model could be improved. The ultimate goal was to produce a model/intervention that would be sensitive to the unique challenges of First Nations career development. The viability of the model is based on how well the model addressed the career/life planning concerns of First Nations adolescents as portrayed by the literature and by the reports of First Nations participants themselves. The study examined the responses of 7 First Nations adolescents, their families and/or community members after taking part in the First Nations Career/Life Planning Model. All participants, except one, were from First Nations communities in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. After the career session, participants were interviewed to gain access to their experiences with the model. The feedback given by the young people, family and community members revealed that the First Nations Career/Life Planning Model was a positive experience for all the participants. The comments given by the participants related to five general themes: Increased self-awareness, input from peers, family and community members, cultural practices, recommendations for the First Nations Career/Life Planning Guide, and input on the counselling process.

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