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Transition to parenthood : evolution of a relationship Galbraith, Wendy


The purpose of this study was to explore couples' successful transitions to parenthood. Little research has addressed the benefits of parenthood and no research has examined the transition in terms of success. The aim of this study was to contribute to a contextual understanding of the influences that may determine a couple's success with regards to the transition. It was further intended to provide both couples and health service workers with information with which to help partners prepare for this transition. Hopes were that couples, after becoming parents, are able to derive increased marital satisfaction as a result not singularly of their love for their children, but also for their partners. This study used interview and multiple case methodology. Four couples were interviewed individually, all having determined that they had successfully managed the transition to parenthood. Interviews were then transcribed, from which individual narratives were created based upon the unique story of each participant. Factors that contributed to the couples' success were extracted from the narratives and transcripts and then analyzed for commonalities. The participants then validated these commonalities.

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