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Comprehension in children with hyperlexia Lester, Michele L.


The purpose of this study was to investigate the reading comprehension problems associated with hyperlexia in young children. Two 8-year-old children with hyperlexia and two children with mild intellectual delays (MID), matched in terms of age, grade, and IQ, were evaluated using various decoding and reading comprehension tasks. Children with hyperlexia had excellent decoding abilities, far above what would be expected for their cognitive level, but did not comprehend passages as well as students without hyperlexia who had similar cognitive ability. Prior knowledge aided the reading comprehension for the MID participants, where as high interest strongly aided the comprehension for the hyperlexia participants. Students with hyperlexia demonstrated less comprehension monitoring than the MID students. Results are discussed with regards to implications for teaching children with hyperlexia and MID.

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