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A program evaluation of the vocational testing Program at the UBC Women’s Resources Centre Maclaughlin, Lola E. H.


A program evaluation was conducted of the Vocational Testing Program at the UBC Women's Resources Centre to examine the extent to which the goals of the Centre and its clients are being met. The tests administered as part of the Vocational Testing Program include the Wonderlic Personnel, the 16PF and the SCII. A 3-6 month follow-up survey was designed and mailed to 240 past participants of the program. Additionally, 2 past participants and 2 staff were interviewed about their experience and observations about the program. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies were employed to analyze the results. The responses indicate an increase in such things as self knowledge, self belief, clarity about future career direction and expansion of options through participation in this program. Many clients had undertaken educational, occupational and personal actions as a result of the testing session. Compared to before testing, 35% reported having much more realistic expectations of career options. Respondents were split in their desire for more counselling at the end of the session. Some past participants reported wanting more job information and more focus on specific career options to be included in the program. Recommendations to the Centre for development of the program are offered.

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