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Gibinenimidizomin : critical incident study of aboriginal identity attainment Goodwill, Alanaise Onischin


This study explores the facilitation and hindrance of Aboriginal identity attainment. The purpose of this study is to develop a reasonable comprehensive scheme of categories that will describe what facilitates and hinders Aboriginal identity attainment. The research method involved conducting interviews with twelve individual participants, which revealed 138 critical incidents. The 114 critical incidents that helped participants in their Aboriginal identity attainment were placed into twelve categories. The 24 critical incidents that hindered participants in their Aboriginal identity attainment were placed into three categories. The helping categories are: participating in a cultural event/gathering, participating within a group of Aboriginal people, changing self perception, connecting with family, attending a cultural event/gathering, helping other Aboriginal people, being influenced by a grandparent, spiritual experience, verbalizing your experiences as an Aboriginal person, obtaining support from parents, experiencing positive images of Aboriginal people. The hindering categories are: living with separation from Aboriginal people/culture, experiencing racism/prejudice, experiencing negative images of Aboriginal people.

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