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Mindful panic : subtitle integrating CBT and psychodynamic therapy with mindfulness to improve relationships with panic Smith, Marian A


Although cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is currently the first line of treatment for panic disorder, many individuals experience less than adequate post-treatment relief and continue to experience substantial levels of anxiety, fear of panicking, avoidance and reduced quality of life. Many continue to seek alternate treatment to cope with their fear. Much of the research on panic disorder reveals that a more comprehensive treatment approach is needed to offer clients a better therapeutic fit and increased efficacy of treatment. The author proposes a model combining CBT and psychodynamic therapy with Buddhist concepts and mindfulness meditation. Drawing on her own experience with various treatment approaches as a client and as a therapist, the author outlines the importance of mindfulness practice for the growth and development of therapists as well as clients. The dynamic and flexible treatment model is adaptable to individual clients and their changing needs over time and stresses the importance of awareness, connection, action and compassion. Clients who continue to experience panic attacks post-treatment are offered a practical and empowering method to work with them. This integrated therapeutic approach thus offers clients the opportunity to improve their relationships with anxiety and panic and to no longer allow these states to define them.

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