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Career decisions among Hong Kong immigrants Yiu, Mei Mei


This study aims to examine how Hong Kong immigrants make career decisions after they have arrived in Canada. Through using a case study approach, this study collected data by conducting indepth interviews with two clients, one male and one female. All the interviews were audio-taped and the important portions transcribed. Three decision-making models (the rational decision-making model [Horan, 1979], the conflict decision-making model [Janis & Mann, 1977], and the deciding-in-context model [Sloan, 1987]) were employed to analyze the clients' career choices. This study found that the first two models were not satisfactory in explaining the decision-making behavior of the two clients. Sloan's model seems to be the most useful because it emphasizes the contexts within which choices were shaped and made. Four contexts - life history, immediate social environment, culture and character - were particularly salient in shaping their decisions.

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