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Counsellor supervision : a study of the metaphoric case drawing method of case presentation in a clinical setting Stone, Daniel Joseph


An exploratory study was conducted to investigate the efficacy of the Metaphoric Case Drawing (MCD) method of case conceptualization in the context of counsellor-trainee supervision. Supervisors and trainees reported a significant increase in understanding in five core counselling areas: increased understanding of the client, the counsellor's role, the client-counsellor relationship, counselling goals, and case presentation effectiveness. Statistical and qualitative data further confirm the effectiveness of the MCD method in providing a more time-efficient means of case presentation (compared with the traditional Verbal Case Debriefing method). The MCD was found to be particularly useful in case presentations in which the clinical material included themes of depression, suicide, relationship problems, and manipulative clients. Based on the present exploratory study, the MCD method provides a vigorous, stimulating tool for the effective supervision and training of counselling students in a crisis intervention and suicide prevention setting.

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