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Identified problems, preferred helpers, and helper qualities : a cross-cultural comparative study of perceptions Paterson, David William Gilbert


This study examines two groups, Native and Non-Native Canadians, in terms of three research questions: (a) what do they identify as a problem or concern, (b) who do they seek out for assistance, and (c) what are the preferred qualities of the helper. The sample group was comprised of 255 subjects aged 13-15, and 108 subjects aged 18-20 from Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Native subjects represented 25% of this sample group. Though Native and Non-Native respondents identified similar problems, differences were noted in the selection of helper and preferred qualities of a helper. Native respondents preferred helpers within the family and valued different helper qualities than their Non-Native counterparts. Implications of this study are discussed with respect to, (a) contributing to existing literature in cross-cultural counselling, (b) assisting practising counsellors by providing information about client expectations and (c) contributing to the development of cross-cultural counselling education programs.

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