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A phenomenological study of an experience of intuition and its meaning for the individual Lee, Irene Suyin


Over the centuries, various positions have been taken on intuition, its value and credibility. What has been lacking in the writings and studies has been an account of the lived experience of intuition and its personal meaning. The intuitive experience that was meaningful for the individual was studied through the existential-phenomenological method of research. Interviews were conducted with nine adult co-researchers. Each of these individuals had a significant intuitive experience and were able to speak about it with the researcher. The data were analyzed using Colaizzi's (1978) and Cochran and Claspell's (1987) format, resulting in an extraction of thirty-one themes that were woven into a common narrative. These themes were returned to co-researchers for validation and to sharpen the meanings. In general, intuitive experiences were found to be highly meaningful to individuals and to have had a lasting impact on their lives.

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