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How do CHOICES and the SDS facilitate or hinder career planning Provost, Charles Henri


CHOICES, the career planning computer program, was evaluated by interviewing 35 grade 11 and 12 students. Using the critical incident technique, reports were elicited of what facilitated or hindered their career planning. These collected incidents were categorized by similarity to provide counsellors and others with a map of exactly what the program does to help or hinder career planning. This map potentially enables counsellors to capitalize on benefits and to minimize possible detriments. Secondly, this map was qualitatively compared to a similar evaluation of the Self-Directed Search. Overall, it was found that the two interventions have differing advantages and disadvantages. CHOICES stresses reality constraints, specificity and extrinsic work features. The SDS underlines self-awareness and an understanding of the matching process. It seems that CHOICES is more appropriate for planning and specific decisions regarding options while the SDS tends to focus on general exploration and decisions regarding fields. The writer wishes to express his appreciation to the following persons: To Dr. Larry Cochran, research supervisor, whose patience, availability and countless hours over six years made this study possible. To Dr. Marv Westwood, whose continual support especially for the clinical comprehensive, was greatly appreciated. To Dr. Bill Borgen, whose encouragement at the appropriate time enabled me to perservere. To Dr. Norm Amundson, whose inspired synthesis made the oral presentation smoother. To Dr. Ron MacGregor, whose suggestions were appreciated. To the students, to the staff of Matthew McNair Senior Secondary and to the counsellor Mike Casselman, whose co-operation and support made this study possible. To Mrs. Irma Eichler, for her devoted time and effort in typing this dissertation. And finally, to my parents Rene and Lucille, to my sisters Louise and Anita, and to my brother Jean, for their continual support and encouragement.

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