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The mineralogy and geology of the Akaitcho area, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Manifold, Albert Hedley


The Akaitcho property borders the northern claims of the Giant Yellowknife property. Diamond drilling has revealed an ore body lying along a terrace in a steeply-dipping mineralized shear zone. The shear is contained in Pre-cambrian volcanic rocks all of which have been more or less regionally metamorphosed. Adjacent to the ore, the rocks contain much introduced quartz, calcite, and pyrite. Sulphide mineralization is sparse but the ore is quite complex with an abundance of pyrite, arsenopyrite, stibnite, and sulpho-salts present. The gold is very fine-grained, the largest particle observed microscopically being 150 microns in diameter. It is disseminated in a quartz-carbonate gangue and is also closely associated with sulphides especially arsenopyrite and veinlets of sulpho-salts. Based upon the mineral assemblage, the alteration zone, and the general nature of the ore, the deposits would be classed as mesothermal.

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