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A petrographic study of the relationship of the Timiskaming [sic] to Grenville subprovince Johnston, William George


A study of the granitic rock types along the Contact of the Timiskaming and Grenville subprovinces to the east of lake Timagami has been made. In the vicinity of the contact of the two subprovinces in the granites of the Grenville subprovince is a wide zone of faulting near which the rocks show wide spread cataclastic texture due to crushing. In this area the granite in the Grenville sub-province is very distinct from the Algoman granite of the Timiskaming subprovince and later than it. The granite in the Grenville subprovince is much fresher than the Algoman granite and unlike the Algoman is high in potash feldspar as determined by Rosiwal analyses. In the latter and other respects it strongly resembles the Killarney granite in Pardo and Dana townships and to the south along the north shore of Lake Huron. In Sisk township it contains a rather rare amphibole hastingsite which is also found in the Creighton granite of Killarney age.

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