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Geology of the Vedder Mountain Silver Lake area Hillhouse, Douglas Neil


The major rock units within the area investigated are the Permian Chilliwack Group, the Upper Lower Jurassic - lower Middle Jurassic Cultus Formation, and the Upper Jurassic Lower Cretaceous Vedder Mountain Sediments. The Chilliwack rocks examined consist of four limestone units, a thick volcanic sequence, a conglomerate and argillites. The Cultus rocks consist of argillite, shale, graywacke and clastic limestone, The Vedder Mountain Sediments are graywackes, argillites and conglomerates. A tabular body of igneous rock and a schistose cherty rock are included in the sequence. The regional strike is to the north-east. Most of the rocks in the area are strongly fractured. The Cultus Formation is folded into a series of overturned isoclinal folds with axial planes striking north east and dipping south east. The strongly folded Chilliwack rocks are thrust over the Cultus rocks from the south and south east. The relationship of the Vedder Mountain sediments to the other major rock units is unknown.

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