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Pre-Jurassic sedimentation, tectonism and stratigraphy in southern Alberta and adjoining areas of British Columbia and Montana Johnson, Ronald Dwight


The pre-Jurassic tectonic events of the area controlled the nature of sedimentation. These tectonic events were the result of movements of the members of the tectonic framework. The nature of the tectonic framework was established during Beltian sedimentation and was inherited by the Paleozoic era. During the Paleozoic era, the movements of various members of the tectonic framework resulted in four sequences or cycles of sedimentation. Tectonism and its control upon sedimentation from Beltian to pre-Jurassic time is shown as Beltian sedimentation and the succeeding sedimentary cycles are discussed. Type localities are defined for the Beltian and Paleozoic strata of each sequence as they occur in the area. Problems of age determination for the stratigraphic units are discussed and the correlation of these units within and beyond the are presented. These correlations show the relationship of the stratigraphic nomenclature of Montana and Alberta. Since the thesis is mainly limited to published information, it indicates the present status of published geological thought in the area.

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