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A study of some volcanic rocks from Harrison Mills, British Columbia Burley, Brian John


Large bodies of keratophyric tuffs and keratophyric flows from Harrison Mills, British Colombia are described structurally and petrologically. The origin of the albitic feldspar in these rocks is discussed and concluded to be primary. Petrological comparisons are made between the tuffs and the flows. Both types of rocks were artificially fused to glasses, and the refractive indices of these glasses are compared. From these studies the tuffs and the lavas are concluded to be consanguineous. The keratophyric flows were analysed chemically and found similar to keratophyric rocks from other localities. The origin of the lavas is discussed. It is concluded that these rocks were probably formed by differentiation of a trondjhemitic magma possibly contaminated by soda rich sediments.

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