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Spectroscopic variations in Delta Delphini and V 1668 Cygni Yang, Stephenson


A new version of Reticent, a command language to manipulate digital spectroscopic data, has been developed and applied to the analysis of time series of spectra. Observations of the Ca II 8498A and 8542A line profiles of Delta Delphini indicate variations in the radial velocity with an amplitude of about 8 kms⁻¹. The radial velocity variations were accompanied by variations in the depth of the line profiles. Observations of the H alpha emission line profile of Nova Cygni 1978 (V1668 Cygni) indicate that the continuum level declined by 0.46 magnitude between JD2443769.9 and JD2443770.8. The P. Cygni profile of the diffuse enhanced system appeared between JD2443769.9 and JD2443770.7. The absorption feature of the P. Cygni profile had a velocity of -960 kms⁻¹. Variations in the continuum level with an amplitude of 0.04; magnitude were detected between JD2443770.70 and JD2443770.97. The variations in the continuum level were accompanied by variations in the shape of the H alpha emission line profile.

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