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Separation of strontium from barites and galenas for mass spectrometer analysis Kalra, Ashok Kumar


This thesis describes a simple method for the separation of strontium from an excess of barium using ion exchange techniques. This process has been applied to the separation of strontium and rubidium in barites. The resin used is Dowex-50 (200-400 mesh, hydrogen form) and the column dimensions are 1.1 by 8 cm. The column is eluted at room temperature with 1.5 M hydrochloric acid at a flow rate of approximately 1 ml/ min. Strontium and rubidium from two samples of barites were analysed using a solid-source mass spectrometer to determine strontium-87/strontium-86 ratios. The above chemical techniques have also been employed in the separation of strontium and rubidium from galenas. The concentration of strontium in one sample of galena (U.B.C. No. 1) has been determined using isotope dilution techniques. The results show an absence of strontium in the galena sample studied. Finally the common strontium ratios of two barite samples are compared with common lead ratios of associated galenas (Slawson and Austin, 1962) and a possible correlation between these ratios has been observed.

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