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Geomagnetic depth-sounding in the southwest U.S.A. and in southern British Columbia Livingstone, Charles Edward


Three four-station chains of Askania Variographs were operated for periods of two months during 1965 and 1966 in British Columbia, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma to form two magnetic depth-sounding profiles, one in western Canada, and the other in the south western U.S.A. Records were also obtained from some I.G.Y. stations and permanent magnetic observatories in the vicinity of the U.S.A. profile. Analyses of the records show that the inland geomagnetic variation anomaly observed by Hyndman (1963) at Kootenay Lake, B.C. reappears to the north between Golden and Johnston Canyon and that the anomaly which Schmucker (p.964) observed between Las Cruces and Cornudas, N.M. reappears to the north between Sayre and Norman, Okla. Power spectral ratios of the form "high-I station / low-I station" suggest that the main features of the subsurface electrical conductivity structures under both the Canadian end the U.S.A. profiles are very similar.

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