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Calibration of continuous velocity logs using the comparison of synthetic and field records Gurbuz, Behic M.


This study is undertaken in order to calibrate the continuous velocity logs using the comparision of synthetics and field records. The results refer to the following wells in Alberta. 1. Texaco Arrowhead B-76 60 25' 02"N, 122 59' 02" W 2. British American Morrin 7-3 Lsd 1, Section 3, Twp 31N, Rge 20 4M 3. Cancrude British American Champion 16-29 Lsd 16/ Section 29, Twp 14, Rge 24 W 4M The synthetic records were obtained using a linear filter model. To accomplish the synthesizing process in the laboratory, a magnetic tape function generator is used. The two-way time-depth curves are- plotted for these three wells. From these curves-the time intervals of continuous velocity logs were found in-error by 0.007 seconds to 0.0082 seconds. The possible errors in time scale of synthetic seismograms are discussed in Chapter IV. The comparision of synthetics with actual field seismograms recorded corresponding well locations and the main creteria for a "good match" and "poor match" are discussed.

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