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Seiches in coastal bays Wang, Lichen


Resonant water waves in closed or semi-closed fluid systems are referred to as "seiches". Literature on this topic in recent years can be found in this thesis. This research is based on wave data in three coastal bays at the southern coast of Vancouver Island opening to Juan de Fuca Strait. Preliminary aim is to look for the nature and cause of the observed wave motions of these bays. Time series analysis and numerical modeling are performed to reveal seiche nature and develop a method to predict frequency response of bays with arbitrary shapes and variable depths. The method is evaluated through its application in the three coastal bays. Results of spectral analysis and numerical model agree well. The possible energy sources of observed seiches are discussed. Edge waves were the major source of observed seiches. The strongest seiches observed were attributed to Proudman coupling between pressure waves and water waves. Oceanic internal tides may contribute energy to a fortnightly pattern of seiche activity.

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